Laila is awesome! Her music is fun, engaging, and will make you want to dance at one point, and maybe cry at another. Two of my very best musical experiences have been playing music with her in the past. So excited to bring her to the MACC. This one will be special, don't miss it!


Zach is an incredible pianist. He's the piano player for the Gulf Coast Jazz Collective. He's bringing a special show that he, myself, and Mauricio Rodriguez have done together to the St. Pete Jazz Festival. The music of Chick Corea. Chick's music is so expansive that it's tough to pick a program of his music without leaving something important out. Zach has absolutely nailed the task with a wide variety of Chick's most engaging tunes. This band is awesome! See you there!


My friends from Tampa are true students of West African music and dance. This show is going to be insane. I'm having such a good time planning it. You know, Jazz's roots go all the way back to the rhythms of West Africa. You won't believe the sounds that my friends are able to achieve, and I think combining it with the GCJC will make for a memorable night of music.


We're back for our final concert of the season with the LWJC! Chick and Herbie's music is some of the most engaging in the jazz catalogue. You'll hear beautiful melodies, some incredible swing, and tons of funk. Looking forward to seeing you there!

General Admission, $15 | Kids 13-17, $5 | Kids 12 and Under, FREE

Back by popular demand, we're bringing you another Original Music show. The history of Jazz is tied up in the performance of original music for audiences. We're inviting back Zach Bornheimer and LaRue Nickelson's and playing original compositions of the performers. This has been a favorite of the audience since our first season, come get some more!