The professional music world is an interesting one to navigate. You may be feeling stuck, or unsure about your options as an aspiring musician.

I've been a professional musician, making my entire living playing, teaching, and writing music since 2015. Since 2015 I've spent hours researching the industry, helping students achieve their professional goals and grow in music. 

In a consultation with me, you'll be the focus. We'll talk about what you'd like to achieve, and I'll draw from my years of personal experience and many hours of career research to give you actionable suggestions on how you can take your vision from ideas to reality.

Paul Gavin is an excellent mentor. Before going to him, I had no tangible concept of what innovate music business I needed to create; now I truly have ideas worth experimenting with, and even more tools to expand the businesses I already have. Thanks again, Paul!” - C.C. Junior

I'd be honored to help you get where you're trying to go. Let's hop on a video call and make it happen!

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